Wood Mountain Regional Park
COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

UPDATE #2 – JUNE 10, 2020

There have been a couple changes since our latest COVID-19 update. Saskatchewan is now in Stage 3 of the re-opening plan and that means a few things have been added to the list of things you can expect at the park.

1. Bathrooms will now be accessible to the public, we are however restricting access to the bathrooms to one family unit at a time. We ask that you continue to use your RV bathrooms as much as possible. But if public bathroom access is needed that you wait until the bathroom is empty before entering.

2. You will now be able to sit at the picnic tables around the concession, which is now open. The concession is considered a restaurant, because of the restrictions we have removed half of the tables, but still ask that you maintain social distancing when using these tables.

3. Outdoor social gatherings will be allowed in groups of up to 30 people now. This is a government set guideline and we ask that you follow these standards within the park.

4. Picnic areas and the playground will be accessible starting June 12. We ask that when using these areas you social distance, and that if you are feeling ill you avoid these areas. Our staff will be disinfecting both picnic areas and the playground regularly.

5. We would also like to inform people of something we forgot in UPDATE #1, to adhere to the government standards we will not be allowing out of province overnight campers at this time. If you are from another province and you would like to camp at our park please keep watching for updates, we will let you know as soon as this is possible.

All other items from UPDATE #1 are still in effect.

UPDATE #1 – APRIL 27,2020
We have been waiting to update all of you on what summer at Wood Mountain Park is going to look like this year until we had some real information to share. We now know we are in Stage 1 of the re-opening plan and have some information we would like all of you to share with anyone you know who may be coming to our park this summer!
First we would like to welcome our park manager Kevin Main, we know he will be a great asset to have at the park and he can’t wait to see you all this summer!
Second we would like to welcome Paulette Mastad back, she will be running the concession again this year! Make sure you head over to the Wood Mountain Concession page you check out her menu, and specials!
Now to address the COVID-19 questions, if we don’t mention something in this post that you would like an answer to be sure to comment and we can try to help you:
1. The showers will be locked to the public to adhere to the government standards.
2. The playground will also be closed to adhere to standards.
3. Bathrooms will be accessible, but you will have to call the manager or get a key for the building from the booth, the bathrooms will be cleaned between every family unit entering them.
4. All surfaces in the campsites will be disinfected between campers.
5. We are asking everyone to use the bathroom in their campers as much as possible, we know this is a difficult thing in a park with no sewer sites; because of this we are working on developing a way to pump out your campers for a fee. We will keep you posted on this when we know more about how it will work.
6. The pool cannot open until we get the okay from the government, because of this there is a lot of uncertainty about how swimming lessons will work. As a board we have decided that we will be making the call on June 15th whether the pool will be opening this summer or not. Please stay tuned for this decision. 
7. Reservations to book sites will open May 4th this year. We will only be allowing booking for every second site.
8. We are asking anyone who is planning on camping at the east end to please wait for a staff member to direct you where to park. We are going to try our best to keep people distanced to standards on that side but know it’s going to be much more difficult.
9. For the month of May we will be locking the gates to enter the park at night, camping is not allowed until June 1st and we feel if we have the gates locked it will stop people from being tempted to break the rules.
We ask if you could all be patient with our staff this season as this will be a huge learning curve for all of them.

We also would like to let everyone know that these standards can change at any moment, we will be sure to keep you all updated as things change on this page. Thanks for supporting the park, we hope you enjoy camping at our park this summer!!